Offered for sale is truly one of the most beautiful parcels of land in the entire Okanagan Valley. 
Open for offers.



Mara Lake at Sunset

Sicamous, BC - Houseboat Capital of Canada

Spectacular view of the Shuswap River

Excellent View of Mara Lake

View up the Valley to the North

Nearby Mara Lake

Mara Lake Boat Launch 

Picnic Area at Mara Lake

Surrounding area developments

Surrounding area developments

Surrounding area developments


Property Description...

Offered for sale is truly one of the most beautiful parcels of land in the entire Okanagan Valley.  There are very few properties of this size and grandeur remaining.  It is 153 acres of pristine natural beauty. 

Not being in British Columbia's Agricultural Land Reserve makes it a prime parcel for a beautiful development, a holding property or a group purchase. I have commented that these parcels are so rare that they should be on an endangered species list.

The views from this property are truly beyond description. No words can capture the beauty of this panoramic view. It seems to have a beginning and no end. Looking to the south one sees the large, yet gentle Shuswap River winding through the lush green farm land of the valley bottom. It slowly winds its way through the entire landscape view to its final destination. Looking west and straight out from the property is Rosemond Lake. It is a smaller lake and is tucked into the mountain side and of course in front of this little lake is Shuswap River nearing the end of its long journey. To the north you see the rivers final destination as it slowly disappears into Mara Lake. This massive yet tranquil view completes as you follow Mara Lake to the mountain side.  

This very beautiful 153 acre parcel has a wonderful mix of meadows and plateaus that will be fantastic for whatever you decide, whether that be a golf course, clustering of homes or cottages or simply fenced for your horses. Fresh water springs flow out of the ground and there is a small year round creek that flows through the center of the property.

This property borders crown land on both the east and north sides which allow access to unlimited trails just waiting for you to explore. It is an unlimited playground for hiking, ATVing or snowmobiling. Well know among snowmobilers is Hunters Range, a beautiful snowy bowl and play area that is usually accessed from the other side of the mountain. Neighbors have boasted that it is an incredibly beautiful trip that can be accessed from this property.

Whether you would like to go for a swim, play on the beach, take the family on a picnic or put your boat in the water, this is all possible just seconds down the road. The very beautiful Mara Lake Provincial Park is less than three quarters of a mile away.

A short walk, bike ride or seconds away by car takes you to the most picturesque and tranquil park where the beach is clean and the water inviting. The park has been left natural and you will be surrounded by old growth cedars. The lush green grassy picnic area overlooking the lake is a great area to play on. The boat launch is all concrete and the incline to the water is very gentle complete with a large parking area for your vehicle and trailer.  


The Regional District of the North Okanagan, out of Vernon, is the governing body for this area. Their Official Community Plan for the above property shows a Country Residential designation. The Country Residential zoning could accommodate approximately 25 Country Residential Lots. The acreages could range in size from two and a half acres to seven and a half acres. This may or may not be the best usage for the property. One may wish to entertain a higher density for such a large piece of land.

Many of the roads have been roughed in and you can drive a car through much of the property. The property has its own gravel deposits which can be a massive cost savings when it comes to road construction. 

With respect to a group purchase, the property under the present zoning allows three homes of any size and a cottage not to exceed 807 square feet. With a simple two lot subdivision, also under the present zoning, as long as each has a minimum of 55 acres this would allow for six homes of any size and two cottages. Get your friends together. 


This is truly a one of a kind property with incredible potential for a five star development, a holding property or group purchase. Open for offers.

About the Seller...

I know this property intimately for I purchased it in 1974 when I was just 19 years old. It has been in my family for almost one third of a century and now needs to be shared and enjoyed by many.

Six and a half years ago I was a passenger in a very serious and fatal motor vehicle accident.  Unfortunately, it is beyond my new abilities to take my dreams for this property any further, so I must sell in hopes that someday this property can be enjoyed by many.

Assistance in the financing or staying in as a partner is an option I may also consider.

I am, humbly, very proud of this land. It would be my pleasure to show you this property and assist you in any way I can. 


Murray Flack -  


Mara...(pop. 350)

The small community of Mara is located on the Shuswap River in the Shuswap region of British Columbia, enjoying a gentle climate, relaxed lifestyle, and abundant recreational and cultural activities. The Shuswap and Okanagan areas are havens for boaters and vacationers looking for a summer holiday on the water.

Mara Provincial Park...

Just north of Mara is a 5.9-hectare park situated on the eastern shores of Mara Lake. The park is strictly a day-use area, but offers a variety of recreational activities. The park has a beautiful broad stretch of sandy beach and is popular for fishing, swimming, boating, canoeing, water sports, and picnicking.

Rosemond Lake

Situated at the south end of Mara Lake is Rosemond Lake. This small lake is bordered on the east by farmland and on the west by woodland and a recreation reserve. Access to the lake is by canoe or row boat under the railway trestle from Mara Lake; motorboats are not allowed. Rosemond Lake is popular with birdwatchers, as it is the home of eagles, osprey, geese, swans, ducks, and loons. There is a lovely beach with user-maintained picnic tables, toilet facilities, and tent-only camping. 

Grindrod...(pop. 1,497)

South of Mara is the small farming village of Grindrod, located on the west bank of the Shuswap River. Set in peaceful and rural surroundings, Grindrod is full of country charm with a storybook setting; a popular destination with visitors.

Sicamous...(pop. 3,192)

Northeast of Mara on Highway 97A is the town of Sicamous, situated at the junction of the Shuswap and Mara Lakes in the Eagle Valley. The community of Sicamous is known as the Houseboat Capital of Canada, due to the more than three hundred houseboats that are rented out annually from the marinas on Shuswap Lake.

The real estate market has been a hotbed of activity for the last couple of years with prices dramatically rising. Several new developments are in the works and the town continues to “boom”.

Vernon...(pop. 35,944)

The City of Vernon is 45 minutes drive south of Mara where you travel through the beautiful lush farming communities of Enderby and Armstrong. In Vernon , one can enjoy many cultural events such as the Okanagan Symphony in the new Performing Arts Center or live theater at the famous and nostalgic Power House Theatre. Vernon has so much to offer: shopping, movie theatres, concerts, and fine restaurants. Just minutes from Vernon is Silver Star Mountain, a five star Ski Resort.



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